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Our retail office in Middletown, Pennsylvania will be open on Saturdays beginning April 1st, 2017 from 8am to 12pm through the end of June. Stop by and see us!

IMAG0077 (Small)Zeager Bros., Inc. has been recommending to our customers the need to install WoodCarpet® engineered wood fiber (EWF) over a recommended drainage system for several reasons. Some of these reasons has been to extend the life of the EWF, limit mold & fungus growth, and to limit the EWF from freezing therefore making the surfacing less resilient during freezing temperatures. This study focused on the decay rate of the EWF. 

engineered wood fiber in truckThere are basically two categories of playground surfacing; Loose fill & Unitary surfaces. Loose fill surfaces such as EWF (engineered wood fiber), gravel, wood chips & sand come from natural elements (except in the case of loose fill rubber) and are just what the term means “loose”. In other words, there are no binders or other chemicals holding them in place and they are generally installed in thicknesses anywhere from 6” to 12” thick depending on the amount of fall height needed on a particular playground.

Unitary surfaces are bound elements formed into tiles or rolled …

The Value of Engineered Wood Fiber For Playgrounds & Trail Surfaces

Engineered wood fiber (EWF) is still a commonly used playground and trail surface because of its low, initial cost, its good impact attenuating characteristics and ability to knit together for accessibility purposes. Those terms are commonly used along with this popular surface but another term that comes to mind is maintenance. Ask most playground owners and operators and it’s commonly thought that more maintenance is just a trade-off for the low initial cost of EWF.

But for Zeager Bros., Inc., a national manufacturer of EWF located in Middletown, Pa …

Playground safety has come a long way from when you were a kid. Instead of hard, unforgiving surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, there are now numerous outdoor playground flooring options available to cushion falls and help to prevent serious injuries to children. You can choose a playground safety surface made from impact-absorbent materials such as rubber, wood fiber and artificial turf grass. In this post, we’ll explore the various benefits and possible drawbacks of each type of safety surfacing for playgrounds.

girl playing with bubbles

Rubber Playground Surfacing

Rubber surfaces are typically available in the form of playground rubber mulch or tiles made …

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In 2011 and 2012, 1.5% of children in the U.S. public school system had a health or physical impairment while 0.9% lived with autism. Children with developmental delays accounted for 0.8% of enrolled children and children with learning disabilities totaled 4.7% of students.

three children on a swing

Many children going to school across the country have special needs requiring extra attention. All children have a right to a fun and happy childhood, including safe and enjoyable places to play. Children with special needs have conditions that can affect how they access and experience spaces designed for kids, so it’s important to …

pink flowerPlanting in mulch provides a number of important advantages for any yard, garden or landscaping project. Mulch helps soil retain moisture, which results in a much healthier plant stock. Other important benefits of mulch include reducing weed growth, providing much-needed nutrients to soil, preventing soil compaction and even making plants less susceptible to damage from mowers and other lawn equipment.

What Is the Best Kind of Mulch for Landscaping Purposes?

Take a quick look around your home and property you’re likely to find numerous materials that can make excellent mulch. You can also purchase mulch at …

Budget conscious school boards and parks and recreation departments are constantly looking for affordable ways to create accessible spaces everyone can enjoy. When using engineered wood fiber for playgrounds, several issues must be addressed in order to meet ADA guidelines. Compaction factor — the amount that a material will compress — is frequently misunderstood by playground designers.

Understanding how engineered wood fiber products compact is an important consideration when using them in a playground. Any material installed in a high traffic area must be firm enough to allow children with mobility issues to use the space safely. When designing a …

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