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About Engineered Wood Fiber


Engineered Wood Fiber for Playground Surfaces

wood fiber playground surfacingEngineered wood fiber is an economical playground surfacing used on nearly ¾’s of all playgrounds in the U.S. because of its high impact absorbing qualities yet firm, slip resistant surface that, if properly installed, will meet accessibility guidelines. Less expensive products such as sand and pea gravel are not acceptable for accessibility.

But how can you tell if you are getting a genuine engineered wood fiber (EWF) that will be within your budget, meet all current safety and accessibility standards and give you peace of mind? The following are some questions to ask before you buy:


  • Is the product 3rd party certified? If so, what is it certified for?

IPEMA certified logoThe International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Assoc (IPEMA) certifies EWF for impact attenuation –standard test method ASTM F1292, to be free of nails, staples and other foreign metals and hazardous chemicals such as Lead, Mercury and Arsenic & sieve analysis showing proper sizing- standard test method F2075. Sieve analysis is important since it shows the product will knit together properly to meet federal accessibility laws that must meet standard test method F1951. Ask for test results showing the EWF has passed the F1951 test since IPEMA does not offer a certification to this standard.

Does it meet current accessibility guidelines?

  • wood fiber on playground surfaceAsk for test results per ASTM F1951. The only standard test method for firmness and stability mentioned in federal guidelines.
  • What raw material does their EWF come from. This makes a huge difference in quality and how long the surfacing will last.
  • Does the manufacturer back up their surfacing products with any warranty programs?
  • Does the manufacturer offer liability insurance. Let’s face it, we’re dealing with children here. What happens if they fall and get hurt? Who do you go to?
  • Is there a specific way to install and maintain the surfacing so I get the most out of my purchase? This is very important for meeting accessibility guidelines and safety standards.  


playground equipmentWoodcarpet® by Zeager is 3rd party certified by IPEMA per F1292 and F2075 standard test methods. If you have purchased Woodcarpet® EWF, you can request an IPEMA certificate of compliance by clicking here.   IPEMA CERTIFICATE REQUEST

In fact, Zeager has their own test equipment to perform testing on their surface ‘in-the-field’. That means we can test our products in all sorts of conditions (hot or cold) to make sure they perform properly. It’s not required, we just want to make sure we are consistently providing a top notch product at a competitive price.

Woodcarpet® products by Zeager are backed by a comprehensive warranty program with over 10 million dollars in liability insurance. We protect our customers and give them peace of mind.


playground slideWhen you purchase Woodcarpet® products by Zeager we offer installation instructions and accessories like Woodcarpet® wear mats, Duradrain foam drainage panels and Bonded Woodcarpet system to help get the most out of your surfacing.

Woodcarpet® Engineered Wood Fiber may not be the best in every category of playground surfacing but it is the most economic option that meets all the qualities and standards you need in a playground surfacing. You can contact us for more information about all the playground surfacing options we offer by calling 1-800-346-8524 to speak to a representative or email us at