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Used Heavy Equipment for Sale in PA

While most folks in PA know Zeager Bros., Inc. as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative landscape and recreation surfaces, we strive to be a full-service solutions provider for our customers. We also offer a broad selection of used construction machinery for sale in PA.

You’ll find a reliable, affordable piece of equipment that will allow you to complete your commercial and residential construction or landscaping projects with greater speed and efficiency — without taking a big bite of your company’s budget.

We Feature All Types of Used Equipment for Sale

Depending on availability, our selection can include used dump trucks, backhoes and excavators for sale, as well as bulldozers, snow pushers, on-highway trucks, stump grinders and much more.

We feature equipment from widely recognized manufacturers such as Caterpillar®, Kubota, Freightliner, Oshkosh and many others.

Choose From Late-Model and Older Used Equipment

Our assortment of used construction machinery for sale in PA typically includes late-model units with low service hours that give you access to many of the latest technological features designed to increase productivity and maximize operator comfort. Our newer equipment is the best choice if you’re concerned about longevity and durability.

You’re also likely to find more seasoned machines that offer an economical alternative for budget-conscious buyers. Either way, you’re assured of getting a reliable, hard-working machine that will make a welcome addition to your heavy equipment fleet.

Other Good Reasons to Purchase Used Equipment

While the upfront cost saving makes purchasing used equipment such an attractive option, there are other viable reasons for choosing used over new. You’ll avoid the initial depreciation that begins as soon as a brand-new machine leaves the lot and can diminish its value by as much as 40 percent during the first year of ownership.

You’ll also have greater freedom of choice, as you won’t be limited to just a few models. Well-maintained used equipment also holds its value well — you could receive close to what you paid for the machine if you decide to trade it in or sell it in the future.

We Put Our Strong Reputation Behind Every Used Machine We Sell

The seller’s reputation is always important when purchasing used equipment. The Zeager Bros., Inc. name has been synonymous with quality and integrity since we first opened for business back in 1967.

Whether you’re interested in a used excavator, dump truck, backhoe or any other equipment type, you’re assured of getting a reliable machine that will serve you well for a long time to come.

Browse Our Current Inventory of Used Heavy Equipment for Sale in PA

Take a few minutes to browse our current assortment of top-quality used construction machinery for sale in PA, and feel free to give us a call for additional product and pricing information. You’re also invited to stop by our Middletown, PA facility for a closer look.