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Erosion Control

We offer products that are used to prevent erosion and control storm water runoff at construction sites. We supply material that can be used to make berms, swales and blankets. Our products are designed and tested for these applications whether seed germination is needed or not. Please contact us to learn more about how we might be able to provide material that meets the needs and specifications of your project.

Product Details

Key Features:
  • Controls Storm Water Runoff
  • Reduces soil Erosion
  • Use in berms, blankets and filter socks
  • Consistent Texture, blower truck compatible

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When Hawk Mountain expanded its education building, we constructed a new connector trail that leads visitors from the school bus turnaround to the facility.  Built into the mountain slope, we knew standard mulch would wash away, and crushed stone would be tough on the feet. Once we learned that the Zeager’s woodcarpet® trail system was pervious, we immediately wanted to test the product. Today the new trail looks absolutely beautiful, blends into the natural environment, is low- to no-maintenance, and has helped to address our many concerns with storm water runoff–I can’t stop telling people about it!

- Mary Linkevich Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, Kempton, Pa
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