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RecBase Indoor Carpet


RecBase Indoor Carpet Play Area Surfacing

The RecBase® Indoor Carpet is the newest product by Zeager Bros., Inc. — a revolution in indoor recreational surfacing that can greatly reduce the risk of injury without requiring expensive renovations or structural upgrades. An affordable product that doesn’t compromise on safety, RecBase® Indoor Carpet is an excellent choice for schools, day care centers, recreational facilities and any other place where children should be able to run freely without the risk of a slip and fall injury.

Recrug-Floor-IMGWhy Indoor Playground Surfacing Is Necessary?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, an average of 200,000 children under the age of 14 are admitted to the emergency room as a result of injuries sustained on a playground. While many of these occur in outdoor spaces, indoor playgrounds can be just as dangerous, if not more so — hitting a hard wood or laminate floor at the wrong angle can make a minor fall far more severe than it would have been in dirt or sand.

This is an issue of particular importance in older facilities, many of which were not designed with safety as a priority. For many organizations, however, budgetary and space concerns make it impossible to relocate to more a suitable location. Fortunately, the right indoor play area surfacing is an economical retrofit that will bring your facility up to current ADA and other standards while keeping your children safe.

Why RecBase Indoor Carpet?

There are many indoor playground surfacing products on the market today, but none come with the pedigree of RecBase® Indoor Carpet. Building on Zeager Bros., Inc.’s long history of sophisticated products, RecBase® Indoor Carpet is ASTM F1292 compliant for fall protection from heights up to 24”. Made of 100% BCF Olefin cut pile, it is hypoallergenic, stain resistant and extremely easy to clean.

Pair the RecBase® Indoor Carpet with RecBase® modular panels for a complete indoor play area surfacing solution. RecBase Indoor Carpet is available in a variety of colors to match a wide range of design requirements, and it comes in convenient 12” wide rolls for easy installation in any sized room.

Invest in Safety With Zeager Bros., Inc.

When installed and maintained to Zeager Bros., Inc. specifications (Carpet and Rug Institute CRI-104 standards) RecBase® Indoor Carpet  is covered by an exclusive three-year warranty. RecBase® backing panels also feature a separate three-year warranty covering impact protection. For these reasons and more, our indoor playground surfacing products make an excellent long-term choice for your organization. When you choose Zeager Bros., Inc., you are choosing a product that will deliver reliable performance in the most demanding applications — regardless of what your kids can throw at it.

Get Started Today

On this page you can download detailed product specifications, installation instructions and warranty information for the RecBase® Indoor Carpet, RecBase® and other related products. Alternately, a Zeager Bros., Inc. representative would be happy to assist with any part of the process, from helping you choose the right product for your needs to connecting you with a qualified installer in your area. Call or email today to discover for yourself why we’re the modern educator’s first choice for safety, performance and value in indoor playground surfacing.


100% BCF Olefin Cut Pile


12′ Wide Rolls


Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Light Blue


2′ (.75 RecBase® over hard surface)


Zeager-Certified Installer Required


3-Year Warranty (impact), Carpeting: 3-Year Prorated Warranty (carpet) (must be installed & maintained per Zeager specification)

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