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RecBase® Synthetic Grass – Nylon





This natural-looking artificial turf outdoor playground surface is a popular choice for use in childcare centers. Because it looks just like real grass, RecBase® Synthetic Grass is suitable for just about any type of outdoor environment. This 100% nylon material offers excellent durability and resilience, and it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or water hose.

Choose RecBase® Synthetic Grass HP (1 1/4″ High-Pile) with special root zone technology or our RecBase® Synthetic Grass LP (3/4″ Low-Pile) and you’ll experience improved fall protection and durability. There is no need for messy, loose infill making maintenance and cleanup a snap with a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or water hose. Its real grass appearance can be substituted anywhere that real grass would be desirable, but the hassles of real grass make it impractical.

Product Details


(Grass) Nylon Fibers with Polyurethane Backing; (Pad) 100% Thermally-Fused, Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam & Geotextile Fabric Liner


High Pile – (Grass) 1- 1/4″ Pile Height by 15′ Width and Custom Length

Low Pile –  (Grass) 3/4″ Pile Height by 15′ Width and Custom Length

Impact Rating:

IPEMA Certified for 8′ (3″ pad)


ADA Compliant


Gravel (3″ required for IPEMA reating)


Zeager-Certified Installer Required


Meets ASTM F1292 for 5 Years,

8-Year Product Warranty

RecBase®Synthetic Grass — Nylon

Playground surfaces must be able to take a beating, while still providing a safe environment for children at play. If you’re looking for a safe, durable, weather-resistant surface for an outdoor playground, you don’t have to settle for natural grass. RecBase® Synthetic Grass from Zeager Bros., Inc., one of the top synthetic grass suppliers in PA, is a 100 percent nylon material that replicates the lush, green appearance of real grass.

RecBase® also provides the fall protection and resiliency that makes it the perfect surface for school playgrounds, day care centers and any other outdoor play environment.

RecBase® Synthetic Grass Eliminates the Real-Grass Maintenance Hassles

Maintaining a natural grass playground can be a time-consuming — and expensive — process. Soft RecBase® Synthetic Grass is so much easier to maintain than real grass — you can clean it with a leaf blower, vacuum cleaner or water hose, and you don’t have to deal with messy loose infill materials.

RecBase® also drains well, which prevents the need to watch out for puddles after every rainstorm. You also won’t have to worry about the time and expense involved with hiring a lawn care company to maintain your playground surface.

Why Choose Nylon for Your Outdoor Playground Surface?

Many organizations choose polypropylene over nylon when selecting synthetic grass for playgrounds in PA, primarily because of the upfront cost savings. While both provide a safe playing surface, nylon is superior to polypropylene when comparing critical factors such as strength, resilience and abrasion resistance.

Nylon fibers also possess a remarkable ability to “spring back” after contact, making this material an excellent choice for use in high-traffic areas such as playgrounds. These factors can make nylon a much more cost-effective surface solution in the long term.

Choose From Two RecBase® Synthetic Grass Options

Our two types of outdoor synthetic grass for sale in PA include RecBase® Synthetic Grass LP (3/4″ Low-Pile) and the softer RecBase® Synthetic Grass HP (1 1/4″ High-Pile) with special root zone technology. Both options offer an affordable, easy-to-maintain surface solution for your playground.

Both feature a natural appearance that enables you to substitute them for any real grass surface. They’re also third-party certified and meet ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA requirements.

Zeager Bros., Inc. — An Experienced Synthetic Turf Supplier in PA

When you choose Middletown-based Zeager Bros., Inc. for your synthetic grass installation in PA and beyond, you receive superior service from a third-generation family-owned and operated company with a half-century of experience.

We focus on supplying & manufacturing high-quality, durable playground surfaces that contribute to a safer environment for children and give parents, educators and child care professionals greater peace of mind. Our RecBase® Synthetic Grass products include a five-year impact warranty covering the base, and an eight-year prorated warranty on the synthetic grass material.

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Learn more about the many safety, maintenance and aesthetic benefits a synthetic grass installation can provide for your facility. Contact Zeager Bros., Inc. for additional information and a free RecBase® Synthetic Grass quote today! Don’t forget that Zeager Bros., Inc. can perform impact testing on your synthetic playground surfaces so that you are certain your current play surface is providing proper impact safety to keep your children from serious injuries.

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We had Recgrass® installed in an area at our learning center that was previously natural grass. The problem was when weather was not so cooperative, the area was wet and muddy and with little children that just wasn’t practical. Now the kids can enjoy the outdoor area regardless of the weather and they return to the inside without mud stains and dirty clothes. Keeping the Recgrass® area clean is really easy too ! We can vacuum it or blow it off with a leaf blower and it’s ready for playtime.

- Diane Saint Joseph’s Hill Lutheran Church Pennsylvania
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