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Zeager is a leading manufacturer of landscape and recreation surfaces. We offer a line of playground and landscape mulches for the home. All our products are processed and blended for the intended purpose using natural ingredients. Our guarantees are backed up by rigorous testing. As a family business, it is our desire to provide you with consistent quality and dependable service.

ZeagerMulch – Natural Mulch – This mulch insulates the soil from temperature extremes and conserves soil moisture. It is all natural, 100% plant derived, fully cured and made without dyes or animal waste. Our #1 blend is our double grind and our #3 blend is our triple grind.

PrettyPlant – Planting Mulch – This is our planting mulch, which is a 2 in 1 product that is decorative but also blended to improve the soil. It is all natural, 100% plant derived, fully cured and made without dyes or animal waste. It contains even more plant available nitrogen and is tested to meet compost standards.

ZeagerMulch – Colored Mulch – This mulch comes in a variety of colors that are long-lasting and non-toxic to plants and animals. It limits weed growth more effectively and helps to maintain the soil moisture. We offer this mulch in black, coffee, brown and red.

Woodcarpet – Playground Mulch – This is a clean engineered safety mulch for play areas and trails. It is all natural and certified for playground safety and certified free of metal. An 8 inch depth is recommended for play structures up to 8 feet high and 12 inches is recommended for structures up to 12 feet high.

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