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Zeager’s foam WoodCarpet Mats are great!  They are easy to install with the anchoring system that keeps the mats in place.   We have WoodCarpet Mat’s that were installed 5 years ago and WoodCarpet Mats that were installed last month and you cannot tell the difference.  We would recommend Zeager’s products to everyone!

- Rockwood School District   Missouri
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Zeager’s HORSECARPET® is a great product and I would recommend it for other horse farms. We use HORSECARPET® in our sheds and arenas. I have tried other competitors but always came back to Zeager’s product.

- Andy Panzera  
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Our Early Head Start Center serves children from 0 – 3 years.  RecGrass® is a product I would recommend to any childcare facility that is committed to nurturing and protecting the children in their care.  The children love the feel of the RecGrass®.  We have children crawling and learning how to walk.  This product provides a safe, soft cushiony surface for them to explore their environment.  It is attractive and virtually maintenance free.  We simply use a leaf blower to keep it free from debris.

- Community Action, Inc. Early Head Start   Massachusetts
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We had Recgrass® installed in an area at our learning center that was previously natural grass. The problem was when weather was not so cooperative, the area was wet and muddy and with little children that just wasn’t practical. Now the kids can enjoy the outdoor area regardless of the weather and they return to the inside without mud stains and dirty clothes. Keeping the Recgrass® area clean is really easy too ! We can vacuum it or blow it off with a leaf blower and it’s ready for playtime.

- Diane   Saint Joseph’s Hill Lutheran Church Pennsylvania
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When Hawk Mountain expanded its education building, we constructed a new connector trail that leads visitors from the school bus turnaround to the facility.  Built into the mountain slope, we knew standard mulch would wash away, and crushed stone would be tough on the feet. Once we learned that the Zeager's woodcarpet® trail system was pervious, we immediately wanted to test the product. Today the new trail looks absolutely beautiful, blends into the natural environment, is low- to no-maintenance, and has helped to address our many concerns with storm water runoff--I can't stop telling people about it!

- Mary Linkevich   Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, Kempton, Pa
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The Village of Franklinville New York is extremely pleased with DuraDrain. We looked at various types of drain materials due to the fact that at times this can be a wet area. Fall protection was of great concern for us as well. DuraDrain has been the answer providing us with drainage and fall protection. We needed to know that it met the standards that we are required to meet and it exceeded what we were looking for. Village Staff along with volunteers from the community did the installation and it was an easy product to install and work with. What we thought would take a full day to install took us only three hours. The maintenance of the product is something else that is important to us. We only need to rake the WoodCarpet from time to time. I would recommend WoodCarpet and DuraDrain to anyone who will be installing playground equipment or is looking for easy and safe fall protection.

- Ron   Village of Franklinville Franklinville, New York
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We have been using WoodCarpet on all of our playgrounds since 2006. Zeager’s sales people have been helpful from taking our orders to making sure we have timely deliveries. WoodCarpet is clean and compacts well so that it’s accessible for those children with disabilities that use our playgrounds and has great impact attenuation in case a child would fall. WoodCarpet has been an affordable way that we can have a safe, natural surfacing on all our playgrounds.

- Al   Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD
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Thanks, Zeager Company for our new WoodCarpet® playground surface.  The children at our school noticed immediately.  They got a real joy out of just standing there bouncing; they loved the spongy feel.  They almost didn’t notice the new playground equipment.  Our staff loves that the new surfacing quickly drains the water from the play area, getting our children outside faster after a rainy day.  I truly recommend this product to all schools; it not only is a joy for the children it makes their play area safer.

- Mary   Clarksburg Elementary
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