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Zeager Certified


We do a full range of testing to ensure our surfaces are above what’s considered safe and acceptable.


  1. We submit to IPEMA for conducting its lab testing for ASTM F1292 and F2075.
  2. Zeager goes beyond IPEMA’s focus on lab tested fall protection by testing in the field for accessibility and to more stringent standards.

Some products don’t even use the IPEMA certification program.  Zeager does!  We back many of our systems with the trust of IPEMA’s certification for ASTM F1292 and F2075 compliance.

And then our additional testing provides the “above & beyond” assurances that your play surface is high-performing and comes with value-added benefits like follow-up testing, how to install the products for optimal performance and how to maintain the surface for long-life and warranty compliance.  We’re committed to a certification program that far exceeds any other 3rd party standard.



More Comprehensive Certification for Greater Results

IPEMA Certification

Meets ASTM F1292 impact test criteria: 200 Gmax/1000HIC

Meets ASTM F2075 Engineered Wood Fiber criteria for sieve, tramp & hazardous metals

Meets ASTM F1951 lab test for firmness & stability

Impact test results at least 20% better than criteria limits per ASTM F1292


Field tested per ASTM F1292 at 120F, 70F & 25F temperatures

Field tested for firmness & stability

Manufacturer provided installation & maintenance guide booklet

Backed by over 10 million dollar in liability insurance.

Discount on impact testing of your surface after installation

Performance improving, maintenance reducing services & products